The Eighties Bands

Welcome to our new wordpress blog about the different decades in rock music. We wanted to share with you our opinions on the rock music from the eighties and nineties and possibly more from big hair glam bands to the grunge scenes of the nineties.

The eighties brought about some timeless rock music including the glam bands of the mid to late 1980’s. Earlier in the decade The Cars, John Cougar and “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen were the hit singers but the big hair bands were hot on their tails. One of the first bands that come to mind is Poison starring front man Brett Michaels. Their story began on the east coast and they hit the road to move to Hollywood to hit the sunset strip in the early eighties to pursue their dreams.

Once in Holllywood they began playing all of the bar scenes to spread the word and play for whoever would listen. My friend at Gutter Cleaning Atlanta was obsessed with Poison when they first came out. They quickly built a good following and signed a record deal afterwards which skyrocketed their success. I like a lot of their early music from the albums “Look what the cat dragged in” and “Open up and Say Ahh”. After that they fell off a bit in steam and there were just so many other bands that hit the scene as well that were excellent. Some of them were Motley Crue, Bon Jovi and others which all were very successful bands.

There is just something about this genre….the glam bands in particular. All of the guitar solos, sunset strip style rock and roll and all out rock music just gets you going. I still like to listen to this rock music from time to time and it always brings back a lot of memories from childhood listening to it. I remember my brother and I would watch MTV all day long to wait on the song “Every rose has its thorn” from Poison to play. While it was in its popularity height, they would play it pretty much daily and we would wait on it to play and watch the video. You didn’t have youtube back then where you could just press play and watch the videos that you wanted to.

When I was about fifteen years old my parents took me and my friend Josh to go see Warrant open up for Poison at the old Atlanta Omni sports complex. The Atlanta Hawks used to play there before they built Phillips Arena and we saw them live. It was fun, but it was also awkward because Warrant was cussing up a storm and Poison mooned the crowd and my parents were embarrassed that they took us to the concert at all! Hahaha, but it was one that I won’t forget because of the long time that they played and the time period that it was in.

All in all the eighties rock and roll scene was a fun one and the five to seven years of the big hair bands really stood out for me. It all faded in the early nineties when the grunge scene took over the overplayed glam metal. Stay tuned for more blog topics of these timeless decades of music!

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