Nineties Grunge Scene

And now we coast right along into the nineties where the big hair glam bands transitioned into the grunge rock where all of the rock stars wore flannel shirts. I remember being in middle school and riding the school bus to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” playing and we would always wait to hear it. I think America just got tired of the eighties rock and a lot of them sounding the same as one another. ┬áBut all in all it was a good decade of music, it is just that a change was needed. And I believe that the arrival of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was just in time and good enough to sway the masses over to the new genre grunge rock.

When Nirvana hit the scene with their smash hit “Smells like teen spirit”, the bomb had exploded for grunge rock, at least that is what my buddy says over at mover Roswell Ga. After that artists like Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and others began to take shape and gain a lot of followers over the next several years. There was somewhat of a race of sorts to see who could be the next big artist in grunge rock and be the most popular and sell the most records. Pearl Jam was already popular by the time Nirvana released its album and they had a huge fan base from the start. Eddie Veder was a very popular and charasmatic lead singer that blew it away at concerts across the US and Europe after hitting the main stream.

Stone Temple Pilots were huge too after releasing the album Core in the early nineties and that album had lots of great songs to it. I remember all of the songs on that album and still listen to it to this day. Their second album Purple was a smash hit as well and we listened to that in high school all the time. It seems like yesterday that we were blasting these cd’s in our car stereo’s and rolling down the street in our crappy first cars that were handed down by our parents. Haha, anyway, STP and green day were probably the most listened to CD’s by my friends and I, well I have to throw in Pearl Jam as well because we played Jeremy and the other CD’s ALL THE TIME as well.

The clothes that everyone wore is not to be forgotten either. People wore the cut up jeans with Doc Martin boots, and flannel shirts pretty much every day. Also, the longer hair on the top with it shaved underneath was a big thing. I had mine shaved underneath with the longer part on top parted down the middle. Looking back it was silly, but back then it was the thing to have and seemingly everyone wanted to out do each other.

The nineties grunge scene was a big one for the era of rock and roll music. It represents the fading of the big hair glam band eighties into the new rock of the new age like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Pearl Jam. We listened to all of them and blared them in our stereos on our way to school and anywhere else. You know you liked it too, so lets not forget this era!

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